After shooting the haciendero who raped his younger sister, a seventeen-year-old peón is on the run riding the haciendero’s prized Appaloosa stallion. Heading north, young Rafael Ortega enters into the United States in 1866 to find life on the other side of the border holds new dangers along with the promise of a new life. A gachupín aristocrat, Benicío Zuniga, of an old Spanish New Mexican family, now deposed of his land and wealth, turns to the outlaw life for revenge. He’ll kill anybody in his rage, even his own brother. As the American southwest struggles after the Mexican-American War, the old bastions of social status are quickly changing. From the opposite sides of the Spanish caste system, Rafael and Benicío seek to find new lives in the American southwest, but only one will survive. The Young Pistolero Series is historical fiction set in the American Southwest for mature audiences over 18.

Rafael Ortega de Estrada, the Young Pistolero, has settled back in Santa Fe to resume his life after bringing his family from the hacienda in Torreón, Mexico. Life looks bright and his plans for building a house and growing his horse breeding business are well under way. However, Death is stalking him, wanting to take him to the depths of hell. Death teases and taunts Rafe in the wild and rowdy mining town of Elizabethtown, New Mexico, when he and his amigo Carlos Zuniga go to rescue George Summers from claim jumpers and a spring blizzard. After Jed Clements tells Luke Payton his brother Butcherknife Bill was killed by a Mexican in the New Mexico Territory, Death pushes Luke, a notorious gambler and gunslinger, to New Mexico to find the Young Pistolero and kill him. Smitten with beautiful Ana Teresa, a señorita from a rancho in California visiting her uncle’s hacienda near Santa Fe, Rafe gets entangled with Diego de la Torre, Santa Fe’s most eligible bachelor. Diego, a Spanish aristocrat, also vies for Ana Teresa’s attention. Death disguises itself within the outdated Spanish casta system leaving havoc in its wake. 

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    Young Pistolero Series

After Rafael Ortega de Estrada, the Young Pistolero, fought with Diego de la Torre over the right to court and marry the beautiful Ana Teresa de Soto, Diego’s friends and the local Spanish aristocracy in Santa Fe are full of hate over Diego’s death. They want revenge against Rafe who had the impertinence to defy the Spanish caste system.
His mother’s confession was shocking – she was raped by don Bernardo and Rafe is the bastard son of the man he hates the most in the world. She would have kept her secret, except the laws in Mexico have changed and Rafe may be able to inherit the huge Reyes hacienda in Torreón, Mexico. His mother begs him to inherit the estate for his sister María, who is traveling in the hills of Mexico with a known outlaw.
Needing to go to Mexico to claim his legacy, Rafe leaves town before the Spaniards start an all out assault on his life. Legally inheriting the hacienda after proving his birthright, Rafe is spun into a dark world of tequila and opium after Carmela steals Rafe’s prize Appaloosa from the streets of Mexico City. Torn between his responsibilities and rescuing his prize horse, he might not live long enough to claim his legacy and his lawful name, Rafael Reyes de Estrada.

Robert J. Alvarado

After the gun battle at the Anaya hacienda in Corrales, New Mexico, the fight where Rafe’s beloved Chiwiwi was killed, the saga of Rafael Ortega de Estrada continues. Rafe must risk returning to Torreón, Mexico, to rescue his mother and sister from the hacienda owned by don Bernardo Reyes. It was his duty to protect his family, but he ran when he shot don Bernardo for raping his younger sister, and they suffered. The guilt in his heart burns with rage – a rage that will see his mother and sister safe, but an unbearable surprise awaits him at the hacienda. American expansion pushes westward from Texas to New Mexico after the territory is incorporated into the United States, but the newcomers are bringing their prejudices. They perceive Native Americans as savages and Hispanics as inferior. Cattle rancher, John B. Sutton, heads for New Mexico after Texas begins charging for free grazing, settling in San Marcial, New Mexico. The peaceful residents of San Marcial are no match for Sutton’s well-heeled cowboys. Rafe finds himself in the center, between the newcomers and the Spanish settlers, and only guns and courage can bring peace to the valley.